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Never lose a card – Keep your deck always at hand!

Buy packages for coins!

You can buy different types of packages for coins in the Footy Cards game. Coins can be acquired for cash and for completing different tasks and achievements. Log in every day, get your daily reward and discover how you can enhance your collection!

Fill your albums!

We issue league-themed albums so it’s your choice whether you want to collect only Premier League or Champions League cards or both. All albums are being released with a standard set composing of regular and an expansion cards and a series of unique cards with custom artwork. New standard and unique cards are being issued several times every month.

Fresh stats all the time!

We update player statistics on the cards after every game day, so you can check the players’ performance in your albums within the app! Get the cards of all your favourite players and follow how they do!

Trade your cards!

You can trade the cards you don’t need by exchanging them to another one with a fellow user or to sell them for coins. You can also bid for cards on the Footy Cards market to get the ones you really want from other users.

Take the chance

White label opportunity

Footy Card is available in a white label deal to our existing and future partners. It is a mobile-first product, however desktop version is also available. The app works as a standalone mobile game in itself, and it can also be connected with another product to offer a wider variety of content. The game is available for any sport on request.

If you are interested in our product, please contact our CEO/Head of Sales, Tamás Varga

Card editions

Bronze Cards

The Bronze card is the most common type and therefore they are the least valuable ones. However, it would be worth to collect them in great numbers, since even a bronze card can become a valuable one, if the player depicted switches clubs and the card won’t be issued anymore.

Silver Cards

Silver cards are still quite common, but they bear a considerably bigger value than the Bronze cards. Many silver cards of up and coming youngsters and players with a big potential are being issued, and its always nice to secure their cards before they become real stars of the game. Who knows, you might even sell them for a nice sum once they had become fan favourites…

Gold Cards

The Gold card is the most valuable card edition in the regular set. Real stars and household names are being allocated to these cards and the best thing is that it wouldn’t be extremely hard to collect them as you have quite a nice chance to secure a Gold card even when buying a regular package.

Star Cards

The Star card is the less valuable edition from the expansion sets, but it’s still way more uncommon and therefore more valuable than any of the standard set editions. To secure a star card is an achievement in itself, and while you already have a chance to get them when buying cheaper packages, they come in greater numbers in rather exclusive packs.

Legend Cards

The top of the standard set, the one that you are looking for in the bottom of a freshly opened package. Your natural goal in the game is to collect as many of these ones as you can, since they are the most valuable cards in the expansion sets, depicting the best players around. A Legend card bears a real value in the game and it is also easy to identify them by their premium quality look.

Unique Cards

Unique cards are being issued with custom artwork and they are extremely rare and therefore hugely valuable. You can’t really get a unique card in a regular package, so if you have the chance to secure one, don’t miss out! The Best 11 series are the cards of the previous season’s dream team, but unique cards are also being issued after historic performances or achievements of class players.

League albums

In the Footy Cards game, we issue league-themed albums. The English Premier League and the UEFA Champions League are the two full albums from the original version of the game and we keep add on the most important soccer competitions around, including the World Cup!

Premier League

Champions League

Chinese Super League

Major League Soccer

Serie A

Brazilian Serie A

Ligue 1

La Liga

MX Liga



The Footy Cards app will be available soon both for iOS and Android! Download the Footy Cards trading game and never lose your cards! Keep your Footy Cards deck always at hand!